Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You are....completely screwed!

Dear Penn State:

You used to help keep college football popular here in the Northeast.

You used to bring in great recruits, and you have the legendary Joe Paterno as your coach, who will probably finish his career as the winningest coach of all time (suck it, Bobby Bowden). And after Michigan, you guys are my second favorite Big Ten team (even if Syracuse is your rival, too).

You had your chance to join the Big East Conference with all your traditional rivals, including Pitt (yes, I know we rejected you because of your lack of competitiveness in basketball), but considering all of our football powerhouses left to the ACC (and tanked along with that conference), we need you here today.

You chose the not-so-bright-lights of the rust belt, and were forced to make your chief rival.....lowly Sparty...... NOT Pitt, NOT WVU, NOT Syracuse, but Michigan State.

And as the Big East gained a lot of credibility from its new guys (and Rutgers to boot), you only won the Big Ten title twice (and one of them was a shared title) in a tanking conference that only gets multiple BCS berths nowadays because of the Rose Bowl committee's inability (along with just about every other bowl committee, but particularly the Rose Bowl) to move forward to the next era of college football.

If you joined the Big East, you could add another level of depth to college football's second best overall conference now (after the SEC, and I'm not saying this lightly, and no, the Little creampuff Twelve and USC and the Nine Dwarves don't count). We'd love to have you. We really would. But it's too late. You missed your chance when we got about, 48 more basketball teams than we need.

Nevertheless, I will keep bringing this up. You'll be playing both Syracuse and Michigan this year, so you'll be in this blog's hot seat a lot.

Anyway, we hope you learned your lesson.


The Big East Conference and East Coast Bias.

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