Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The "top ten" "rivalry" games for this year

Okay, so these guys rated the top ten football rivalry games for this upcoming season, or what they are supposedly. This is what they said:

10. Pitt-WVU (Needs to be higher....MUCH higher, especially since I have WVU in the title game right now)
9. Auburn-Georgia
8. Kansas-Missouri
7. Auburn-LSU
6. Notre Dame-USC

Wait...Notre Dame-USC? Where the hell did that come from?

I'll be the first to tell you USC is overrated once again, but as every college football fan knows, Notre Dame is pretty much the dog show of college football
. First of all, USC may be overrated, but Notre Dame is the one team more overrated. And ESPN's Schlabach pretty much gave them the benefit of the doubt, ranking them at 25 in his most recent poll and putting them in a New Year's Day bowl (in which they'd easily get an ass-whooping). If the Irish are lucky, they'll go 8-4, the same record Michigan will probably have, and he has them soaking in the Champs Sports Bowl. There's no way in hell the Irish are better than the Wolverines, even with the coaching change (ND will also lose to Sparty and Purdue, and if they're playing Boston College this year they'll go seven wins if they're lucky).

So yeah. This game means nothing. Nothing at all. All the pundits like to claim the Irish are "rebuilding" and bringing in "top recruiting classes." Yeah. Ty Willingham had more success there than Cheeseburger Charlie. Now I have to go read up on the SEC.

And the list rounds out with:

5. Illinois-University of Ohio State (I have the Illini winning the Big Ten)
4. Illinois-Missouri
3. Utah-BYU (Now THIS one I like....BCS buster, anyone?)
2. Texas-Oklahoma
1. Georgia-Florida (I understand this one)


Eddie G. said...

Thanks for the link back.

I think West Virginia and Pitt will be much higher on the list when the game rolls around, and I actually would have put it higher, but I want to wait and see just how well Pitt does.

As for ND-USC, it's up there because it could be the nail in the coffin for Weis if the Irish have another down year. I originally had it in the teens, and I may well should have left it there.

Maybe I'll revisit the list at the end of the season and redo the rankings based on how everything turned out.

Adam said...


Yeah, you're right. But I still don't understand why the media proclaims this will be the best recruiting class Weis ever had, especially when not a single one of them made any positive impact.